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Monday, September 19, 2005

Holding On!

Oh! Why do we delude ourselves
Why don't we just let go
The time will never cease
And we really must go with the flow.

Why do we cling to each other
When the time has come when we must part
Why can't we tear away our gaze
And come away without a heavy heart.

Oh! Why do we hold on to a precious time
Fearing to let go a support in hand
Its like crossing a mighty river
Trying to find a foothold that we may stand

Why not try to swim along
Taking life with you as it comes your way
Watching a paper-boat in a stream
Tossing and jumping or flowing away

And yet I say it just for now
I know this mood will not last
I am as weak as any other
And a total slave of my past

I wish I could just close my eyes
And see ahead at what was coming
So I could let go off my past
And look ahead without complaining.


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