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Saturday, May 20, 2006

Thank God Its Fridays...

...or was it Saturday? Who cares. It was fun; especially having read some nice things about myself on other people's blogs (:D). I'm talking about the MetroBloggers' meet at Andheri. The best part of course was the cool mix of people present. Right from the bald ones to the ones with long hair; ok, it was varied in other ways as well.

There was even an Investment Banker around (I can't tell you which one of them he was though) who claimed that he was as old as any three other people present, put together. Then there was this programmer guy who was bent on figuring out why Google was bent on giving out free services (while he himself handed out DVDs to anyone who'd care to take them, or to those who wouldn't) or on talking about the super-cool SLR lens which had a 1/2.8 something throughout some zoom ranges. Whew.

Of course, there was Divya (who said nice things about me on her blog) who also told us how to get to Andaman other than by pissing off the British. Selvin told us about the horrors of being a techie in a financial institution while Tony told us how his cookery blog gets more hits than his regular blog (:D).

About the investment banker again. He told us how IIT+IIM grads are the ones investment banks hire these days... and so it'd be a good idea to go to an IIM. But what happens if I do manage to start my own chai-paratha shop which I've dreamed of for so long? Would I want an IIT+IIM grad to be running it? Too expensive no? (:P)

With me being as shy as I am (believe me, its true) I didn't end up talking to a lot of people. Next time maybe... which I'm really looking forward to btw, what with Sakshi promising us free clothing (whoops! was that meant to be a secret?).

I'll stop with what now seems to be a must for an entry describing the meet - "Much Fun Came".


  • Dude - shabbash ! great meeting you ! and pls let me know when your c-p shop is up and running, can't wait for those parathas ! till next time adios amigo !

    By Blogger Bombay Addict, at 12:05 AM  

  • it is a good start, i think if someone is trying to find who he is; not difficult after all that five year long journey through the IIt and all, this Q is bound to stick a small kid with big brain, and keep on trying, it is not undoable. Khudi ko kar buland itna ki har tadbeer se pahle... i know you kow the rest sweetie.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10:37 PM  

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