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Thursday, November 09, 2006

The lull before the storm...

I am afloat on an open sea
The sun is low on the horizon
A salty wind criss-crosses me
And I stare away into oblivion

I think back and I wonder
If I've always been this way
Anyway I wish it'd be so
Until my dying day

Such serenity such peace
Such silence all around
Such freedom to ponder
The mysteries that abound

Yet perhaps I am too simple
To think that this would do
For what good is understanding
If you cannot share it too

Perhaps I'd like some paper
A pen and ink to write
Give form to thoughts that maybe
Some silly some very bright

But then again I close my eyes
and feel the wind across my face
I'll just enjoy it while I can
Before I go back to the race.


  • Serenity? peace? silence? freedom to ponder?
    Dude, u still on earth???:P

    By Blogger Prerana :), at 4:24 AM  

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