Thinking out loud

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Music and Rain

Music and rain; two things that have this way of doing funny things to your brain. Put them together, and they are a deadly force. We had this live music programme the other day. Somehow, live music has much greater impact than listening to maestros on half-decent speakers. And to be sure, I was crapped out. Its more like a high; unable to think. Infact, without a desire to think. Its one of those times when you really give in to pure emotion. Frightening it is.

And then it rained today, and I felt funny enough. Its that thing where if there is someone to miss, you tend to miss and if there is no one to miss you wish there was. I'm not exactly sure which happened to me. Maybe I wouldn't accept it if I knew. In any case, the day is wasted. Only the almost closed lab with air-conditioning which more or less makes one oblivious to the outside weather prevented me from sitting all day long with my head in my hands staring away into infinity.

They are bad days, days like today. If you sit and enjoy them, you realise that the day is wasted. If you insulate yourself and manage to work, you realise that the day is wasted. And this just made me realise that I tend to look at the negative only. I'm sure Piyush can come up with some explanation of why such days are the best days by this very nature of theirs... sigh! All I can say is - "rain rain go away, come again another day..." :(