Thinking out loud

Thursday, February 14, 2008

NY Escalators

NY is a lot like Mumbai, always on the run. You can observe this running very clearly on the NY escalators leading to and from the subway metro stations. Each escalator has two lines, the standing line (on the right) and the walking line (on the left). They're always there and you'll always have space to walk up or down an escalator. It seems to be an unsaid rule. Nice!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008


Lesson 1: Do not get lost when its snowing!

Lesson 2: Do not get eaten up by werewolves.

P.S. - Lessons in order of importance.


I've been in NYC since Wednesday last and I must confess, this place is crazy. Last week, the cold seemed impossible to tolerate and people here said that it was unseasonably warm. I thought they were nuts. And then today happened. Its been snowing for the last 4.5 hours and the temperature has dropped to 6 degrees below 0. The office is heated but even looking out at the falling snow gives me the shivers. Bad time to come to New York. Very bad time.