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Sunday, April 15, 2007

From the eyes of the rebel...

...who always walked the beaten path

My entire life has led up to this day.

An endless stream of classes, diligently attended;
Every question in each exam, meticulously answered;
Making the 'right' choices, every single time;
And here I am today, at a crossroads.

One way leads to acceptance, pragmatism;
And a long series of more crossroads;
And an ever stronger urge to choose the 'wrong' way;
And every stronger 'reasons' to stay 'in line'.

The other leads to somewhere, few dare to venture there;
I've not heard of anyone come back, he who trod this way.
Perhaps they find bliss and regret not their choice;
Or maybe they perish before we hear their voice.

And I stand here at this crossroads, every muscle tense;
Must I listen to my heart, or must I hear sense?
Just this once, the choice is mine, and I will take my time.


  • thoughtful piece...

    hope you are doing great.

    By Blogger Subin, at 11:51 AM  

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